Metalworking Labs

The Metalworking Laboratories at PCC Chemax offer specialty multi-functional additives which are unique in the industry. We focus on emulsifiers, lubricant additives, extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibition additives, and rust preventative additives used in formulating straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic metal working fluids.




PCC Chemax is a leader in formulating emulsifier packages for traditional mineral oils as well as vegetable oils and other chemistries in the industry today. We develop emulsions to meet customer requirements for stability and appearance while striving to reformulate products utilizing environmentally friendly surfactants.

Chemists in the specialized Metal Laboratories at PCC Chemax perform all research, product development, and technical service in metal working. Capabilities include advanced instrumentation, including MicroTap II, to generate lubricity data on a variety of metal substrates, which enables us to derive coefficients of friction.

PCC Chemax also has the ability to measure surface tensions on finished fluid to determine which surfactant is right for each customer’s application. We run all IP (Institute of Petroleum) Methods and many ASTM Methods. In addition, we perform foam test protocol and traditional cloud point determinations which are critical in developing synthetic metalworking formulations for contemporary high PSI machines. We strive to address every customer’s requirements, so please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to work with you.