Our Portal was launched at the end of November 2015. Within 5 years it has probably become the best search engine for chemical products in Poland and one of the best in Europe.

Improved functionalities and simplicity of use of the Portal are appreciated both by new users and regular customers of the PCC Group. Through it they can send product enquiries to our specialists.

The Product Portal is also an excellent tool used by employees of our companies, suppliers, employees of laboratories, institutes, universities and many other organizations. It is possible because, apart from its sales functions, it also serves as a professional knowledge base about the chemicals and products of the PCC Group.

Initially, our search engine included 527 products of 6 PCC Group companies. These products were classified in 4 segments and 28 industries. Currently, the Product Portal contains 1146 active product items from the offer of 13 companies to which they belong: PCC Rokita (KR, KF, KC), PCC EXOL, PCC PU, PCC Chemax, PCC Prodex, PCC CP Kosmet, PCC MCAA, PCC Synthesis, IRPC Polyol, PCC BakkiSilicon, DME Aerosol, PCC Packaging, distripark.com. These products are divided into 5 main segments and are classified in 31 different industrial sectors.

It should be noted that the Portal has already operated in 10 language versions: Polish, German, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

You are welcome to visit www.products.pcc.eu!